You have light. Walk in it. Do not let the dark one invade your peace and disrupt your focus, says the LORD. For I Am your light. I Am your peace. I Am your destiny. I will guide you always as I make your path straight before you. Confusion is not from Me and indecision is the direct result of the plots of the enemy as he endeavors to distort My truth and manipulate you and generate doubts and unbelief into you so you will be paralyzed with tormenting fear. Let those dark thoughts be dispelled by My light around you and in you. For My Way and My truth are light, are never foggy and you are children of the light that I have made after my own image, says the LORD.

I Am light and you too are light, says the LORD. As you Walk in Me your light will shine brighter and brighter and others will see clearly round you and be drawn to the truth that will set them free. Walk in that liberty that is yours, for you are not bound, but you are free. As you are, so shall those become that you draw onto Me. For the prison doors will be opened. The blind will see light. The shackles will fall from them. The chains will be broken. And you will loose those who have been bound in the dark prisons and snares of the devil, and My kingdom on earth will be expanded and My will shall be done in and around you as it is in heaven, says the Lord.

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