Be a Carrier of My Presence, Power, Light and Glory

Be a carrier of My presence, My power, My light, and My glory, says the LORD. My light in you will dispel the darkness all around you, wherever you go. BE LIGHT. Let My light that in you shine forth from you so that others can clearly see and come to MY LIGHT. I have empowered you to make a difference. BE DIFFERENT so that you can bring about that difference all around you in your environs and in those you daily encounter. My presence will go before you and needs to be experienced in every place and space that you go. I have empowered you to be a witness, and your life will make a difference in your world around you, as you are a carrier of My Holy Spirit, says the LORD.

I have called you, says the LORD. I have given you gifts to use. I have empowered you. Your life will impact the lives of others as you faithfully act upon My WORD and are uncompromising in the world. Walk in the light and live in it. Walk in My Spirit and live in My glory. As you continue to do this, you will be My vessel of honor that I can use to bring in the harvest and expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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