Be anxious for NOTHING, says the LORD. When I said, NOTHING, I mean absolutely nothing. Do not walk in tormenting fear or endless frustrations concerning things that you are unable to change, to affect, to do anything about. Rather, walk in unwavering faith and trust in Me at all times. Nothing is too big for Me, and I am totally aware of the now of your life as well as that which is to come. I Am not just watching, but I am preparing the way for you and equipping you for every step that you will take, says the Lord.

The enemy is not in charge of your life now and has no say in your future, says the LORD. GIVE HIM NO PLACE. For I will occupy every place and space of your life and give you everything that you need to overcome every on slot of the enemy. With Me you will defeat everyone of his diabolical purposes. You are strong in Me, and when I say, “Go in this your strength,” I saying, “GO in Me,” and you will never fall, never fail, and you will always have the victory, as you overcome every trial and test by your faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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