Be faithful at all times, says the Lord. For I Am always faithful and true. Don’t be tempted to quit and never compromise. For as you serve Me, do so with zeal. Be fully engaged in what I have called and chosen you to do, without hesitation. Little things count, and as you faithfully serve Me in the small things that may seem insignificant to others, it is NOT ever overlooked by Me. I AM testing for faithfulness, and as you remain diligent in small things, you will also be trusted in the greater things I will assign you to do, says the LORD.

I take no pleasure in those who turn back, says the LORD. Stay focused on Me and give your all to everything I have called you to do, even as I laid down My life for you. Your reward not only awaits you, but you will be promoted, positioned, empowered and used for My glory as I entrust you with much more. I have called many and choose few. My elect ones are those who tirelessly obey My commands and faithfully fulfill everything that I desire them to do, whether it is great or small You will not be small, but I will enlarge you as you remain as I Am, faithful and true, says the LORD.

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