Patiently wait for Me to act on your behalf, says the LORD. I Am not sleeping. I Am aware, and actively engaged in your life. I Am not folding My hands, but I Am extending them toward you to give you everything that you need to overcome every trial and test and tribulation. Exercise your faith and trust in Me! Put an emphasis on My infallible Word that will build your faith and cut in pieces the lies and diabolical works of the enemy. You are enabled to do all things and as you exercise your faith and trust in Me, you will also exercise your patience at the same time, says the LORD.

You will grow and mature in the deeper things of My SPIRIT when your faith resists the dissenting voices that are in denial of My infallible promises to you. As you wait, you will not be disappointed. Those who doubted you have also doubted My Word and My good work that I have begun in you, that I will perfect, complete, and perfectly perform, as I fulfill every WORD that I have spoken over you, with not even one punctuation mark missing, says the LORD.

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