Be thankful, says the LORD. Every good thing that you have has come from Me. I have given you life. I have given you a living hope. I have given you good things to enjoy. I have given My life for you, so that you can be part of My kingdom that is without end. I have given you unspeakable gifts, and precious promises that you can receive by faith in Me and My infallible Word. I Am your caregiver, your source of all things, and I have blessed you and kept you all the days of your life, says the LORD.

Count your blessings instead of your problems, says the LORD. Think on the good things rather than focusing your attention on the bad things. Look at what I have already given you and remember the prayers that I have already answered. Rejoice in My goodness and mercy that you have, and sing praises to ME. I want to hear your voice of thanksgiving and I want you to remember all the things I have blessed you with. I have NOT stopped. I daily load you with benefits, and I will continue to give you everything you need, everything that you ask Me for, and fulfill the desires of your heart. You are blessed and you are My beloved child. I have given you this day that I have created. Rejoice and be glad, and give Me the praise and honor that is due My holy name, says the LORD.

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