Bountiful Love and Grace

I have forgiven you and washed all your sins away with My precious blood the moment you have asked Me too, and I have no record of them, says the LORD. Do not allow the enemy to bring you into condemnation for what is nonexistent! You have good standing with Me in My presence, because I have completely cleansed you. I have purified you. I have given you My righteousness and holiness. Come boldly into My presence as My precious child that I have redeemed, and let nothing stop you. For you are not only welcome, but that is where you belong, says the LORD.

Let nothing hinder you from rushing into My presence, says the LORD. I will NEVER reject you. Hold your head up high, for you are not to cower. Stand before Me as My beloved. Know that you are MINE. I purchased you at a great price, and you are precious and priceless to Me. My love for you is bountiful, endless, unchanging, and indescribable. My grace is more than you need. Just come. Receive. For intimate friendship and fellowship is what I desire with you, always, and My compassion and mercy for you endures forever, says the LORD.

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