Out with the old, says the LORD. For the former things are passed away. Look. I make all things new. For the beginning is not the end. The process is not the end. The new will not look like the old and the new will be better. For even in the ash heap I will breathe life. I will create. I will revive. I will restore. I will transform. I will resurrect. You will not be the same, but I will create a new thing. I will do new things through you, says the LORD.

Change is coming and the new will break forth like the dawning of a new day, says the LORD. There will be no more darkness. No more obscurity. No more defeat. No more mourning. For as light puts out darkness, so shall the new put away the old. Clarity will come. No more guessing. I will enlighten the way that will be clear, and the new will be powerful, productive and prosperous. I will expand. I will beautify. I will enlarge. I will accelerate. I will give the increase! The former things shall pass away and I make all things new, says the Lord. Awake unto righteousness, says the LORD. For My righteous acts shall be performed and you will walk in My righteousness and Holiness and My light shall be in you and around you and you will enter into a new beginning that I have ordained and create for you. Says the Lord.

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