You are going to make it, says the LORD. You are going to overcome. You are going to conquer. You are going to win. Trust that change is coming as you wait on Me and receive new strength, courage and help RIGHT NOW, for I Am very NEAR to YOU and I care for your soul. I Am with you always, and change WILL COME, and you will welcome this like you do springtime when the rain pours down after the long winter season is over, and everything is fresh and new, and new life springs forth, blossoms and grows, says the LORD.

TRUST that in every time and season, I am there, to secure you and assure your safe passage as you shift from one to another. Do not fear change, for nothing will take Me by surprise. I will give you My Holy SPIRIT to guide you, protect you, comfort you, help you, and teach you new things so you are fully equipped and ready for the new that is coming. Be assured that wherever you are, I Am with you, and will fully prepare and equip you for your smooth transition into the new that is coming, where you will happily sing and rejoice in Me and My goodness and mercy given to you in the land of the living, says the LORD.

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