Daily Devotional: Upheld and Safe

Thank you, Lord, that as we Keep your Word and place our trust in you, that you will keep us safe. You are that place of safety, and you will keep us steady on our feet. We will not stumble or fall as you make the way clear for us.  We have that assurance that you will protect us, secure

Daily Devotional: You Will Restore Me

Thank you, Lord, for restoring My soul, as I entrust My constant care to you. You are My God that delivers me, heals me, and restores Me, and I am blessed. I can trust you to lead me in the right way, so that my steps that I take are not only pleasing to you, but ordained by you, and

I Am Speaking, Counseling, Instructing, Leading

My still, small voice on the inside of you will always direct you, as I whisper, “This is the way. Walk in it.” Learn to trust in My voice that prompts you. Trust that I Am speaking, and you will never be led in the wrong way. I will never take you down a dead-end path, or have you walk

Daily Devotional: Watchful Eye

Thank you, Lord, for keeping your watchful eye upon us and those we love every moment of our lives. We trust in your protective, loving care, as you lead us, guide us, counsel us, and surround us with your presence. As we face the uncertainties of our future and fulfill the tasks set before us, we are assured of your

Change is Coming

You are going to make it, says the LORD. You are going to overcome. You are going to conquer. You are going to win. Trust that change is coming as you wait on Me and receive new strength, courage and help RIGHT NOW, for I Am very NEAR to YOU and I care for your soul. I Am with you

I Will Give You Wisdom

I will give you the wisdom that you ask Me for so that you will know My will and have direction for your life, says the LORD. I do not want you to walk in confusion. That is the purpose of the enemy. But I will give you counsel understanding so that you will see clearly the way to go.

Obey My Voice and Follow Me!

Obey My voice and follow Me, says the LORD. I Am speaking. I Am directing. I am leading and guiding you, and YOU WILL know My will for you, as you listen to MY voice that is speaking onto you and leading you by My Spirit within you. You will not need to flounder in the dark, for I will

Can You Trust Me?

Am I Trusting God

I AM all-knowing, all-seeing, and ever-present, says the LORD. I want you to entrust Me with your life and align your will with Mine. For the future is not a mystery to Me. Nothing is unknown to Me. I will lead you and guide you into all truth, as you follow Me and take the steps that I order for

My Way

No way is better than My way, says the LORD. For My way is always right for you! You will never have to guess what the results will be, as you take the steps that I order for you and go on the path that I have enlightened for you. You will not be disappointed. You will have an expected

My Voice Will Guide You

My voice with you will guide you ever step of the way, says the LORD. You will feel my tug upon your heart. You will know what you are to do as you take the steps I order for you. Remember that I Am with you always, to hold you up and keep you from stumbling or falling. Be assured