Do Not Fear Anything or Anyone

Don’t fear the unknown, says the LORD. Do not fear the known! Do not fear anything or anyone. Just Make Me your fear, as I Am the Sovereign, and I Am with you, on your side, on task, on time and never forgetful of you. You will never need to fear the enemy even when he rages against you. Do you know that he is raging against ME? I cannot be intimidated by his threats, and the negative forecasts of the future. I AM NOT subject to his predictions, for they are never good, never encouraging, and NEVER right. Shake yourself free of them and place all your trust in Me, says the LORD.

Trust in Me at all times, and you will enter into My rest that I have provided for you, says the LORD. You can sleep without dread of what will happen, what others fear, and KNOW that all is well, for I do all things well, My promises are your assurance, and you can depend upon Me to take care of you and supply all you need. You are in My care, and your needs are already appropriated. I will take good care of you, as you lean on Me, trust in My infallible Word, and rest in My love, says the LORD.

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