Don’t think boundaries, says the LORD. I Am NOT bound, and I have set you free. I can do all things, and so can you, as you tap into My unlimited power, and walk in My SPIRIT rather than yourself. I will strengthen you and help you and give you the good success that you can never achieve on your own. Partner with ME, and let Me be your Helper, got I never run out of resources and My power is unlimited, says the LORD.

Pray to ME, says the LORD. Use your faith that I have given you. You are not in the company of the fearful and the unbelieving that will never taste of the good things that I have prepared for those who love ME. You are a child of light, and My life is in you. You will not be a failure to thrive as you entrust your life to Me, who is your sufficiency in all things. You will have everything that you need, as I supply it and furnish you unto every good work that I have ordained for your life, simply because you have trusted in Me to be your Savior and Lord of your life, says the LORD.

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