Don’t Wallow in Weariness

Don’t be weary in well-doing, says the LORD. Let your vision come alive, and you stir up the gifts that I have given in you. I want you fiery hot, not lukewarm or cold. Even as MY goodness and mercy endures forever, I have made you to be like Me. Your goodness and mercy must also be patterned after Me, and REMAIN vital and constant. I have given you eternal purposes and what you do REMAINS! Your works that are good will follow you, and your reward awaits, says the LORD.

Hold your head up high, and get your waking shoes on, for it is time to engage in that which I have called you to do, says the LORD. Your service is not a vain thing, and you will never have regrets that you have chosen to obey ME. For I will give you everything you need to accomplish every assignment that I give you, and I Am with you always to help you to fulfill what I have created you do and to BE, says the LORD. Do not allow yourself to wallow in weariness, for I will renew your strength as you entrust Me with your life, and you will have MORE THAN ENOUGH to finish well, as I empower you by My Spirit and fully equip you for every good work, says the LORD.

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