The rest that I have for you is always available, says the LORD. You can enter into it by faith and trust in Me, as you wait PATIENTLY on Me to give you everything that you need and to grant the desires of your heart. Your focus should not be on the process or what you see in the natural, but in My supernatural ability to do anything and everything that you need Me to do, and to be more than enough for you. Enter into My rest and receive the peace that I have for you. I AM YOUR PEACE and I Am the One who will give you rest for your soul, says the LORD.

Give up the controls to Me, says the LORD. Let ME have control of your life and destiny and those you love. I know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I do not need the counsel of others or their opinions. My wisdom exceeds the ability and comprehension of anyone and you cannot lean on any other or depend upon the inferior wisdom of man to do what only I can do. Let Me give you the desires of your heart, as you wait on Me, and trust in Me and use the faith that I have given you, and REST in ME. I will not fail, and you will HAVE ABIDING peace in the process as you come into the rest that I have for you in these times and seasons that are in My ultimate authority, control, command and hands, says the LORD.

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