Forget Everything That is Behind You

Forget everything that is behind you, says the LORD. You cannot undo anything, change anything or rewrite your history. What you need to be confident in, is that your sins are expunged from My records, because I have not only forgiven you, but I have forgotten them. The record no longer exists in My books of all that is forgiven, because of your faith in My blood that cleanses you, and My finished work on the cross. What is finished is that record of sin and unrighteousness. What is finished is the wages of sin, which is death. I DIED in your stead so that you can live forevermore, without regret, without condemnation, without fear and without being alienation from Me, says the LORD.

I stood in the gap for you when no one could or would. I made up the hedge, says the Lord. I ransomed you, delivered you and set you free. The enemy cannot bind you or hold you in prison. Since you are free, do not tie yourself up in the past that is eradicated. Do not hold yourself as a prisoner of your past, when I have given you a new name, a new heart, a new direction and a new position in My kingdom that is without end. You are free to walk away from those things that were, into the here and now. Celebrate your new life n Me and walk in the liberty that I have given you, and go in the direction of your destiny. You are free to serve Me, so do it with joy and gladness of heart, for this is My gift to you, says the LORD.

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