Transformed into My Own Image

I Am NOT going to rehabilitate you, says the LORD. I will only transform, heal, revive, restore. It is MY WORKMANSHIP in you, and you are a NEW CREATION in Me! You are not a fixer upper like a building that needs refurbished. You are a living temple, and what I do is a living Word that heals, My living

Forget Everything That is Behind You

Forget everything that is behind you, says the LORD. You cannot undo anything, change anything or rewrite your history. What you need to be confident in, is that your sins are expunged from My records, because I have not only forgiven you, but I have forgotten them. The record no longer exists in My books of all that is forgiven,

Meditate on GOOD things!

Do not entertain unproductive thoughts of yourself and others, says the LORD.  For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you. If you dwell on the negative, things, you will receive negative things. If you think on fearful things then you will be anxious.  If you focus on your problems and limitations, you will never live beyond