Help is on the way, says the LORD. You will not be hopeless or helpless. You will not be clueless. I have the answer. I am the remedy. You will not be left in the dark or walk in confusion. I will give you the help that you need as you have called upon MY name, and you will be helped. You will have the answers to your questions. You will receive the wisdom that you asked and believed Me for. You will know My will and walk in it. It is My good plan and purpose for you that will be revealed and implemented, as I come to your rescue and defend you and turn things around for you, says the LORD.

Your trust in Me has not been in vain, says the LORD. You will not be disappointed as you have waited upon Me and trusted that I would give you breakthrough. I have you in the palm of My hands and AM your shelter, your place of safety, and I Am your provider. You will not be forsaken, and you will never be alone. I Am with you to secure you and give you everything that you need, as you trust in Me and lean upon My everlasting arms that will always hold you up and keep you sure footed and steady on your feet, says the LORD.

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