Hold onto My unfailing hand, says the LORD. I Am not far from you, but near. I Am with you to help you and to uphold you, and will be your strength in times of difficulty. With Me you will succeed in everything that you do, for I will give you everything that you need to fulfill the vision that I have given you. Your assurance and confidence iare linked to your partnership with Me, and since I cannot ever fail or fall, you will do neither, as you hold onto My hand, says the LORD.

I will keep you stable on steady on your feet, says the LORD. You will not ever be a push-over. Let the enemy mock on, for that is all he can do. His stout words are big and empty and powerless. But you will stand in Me and prevail over the situations that desire to keep you from progressing. Just HOLD ON, and I will guide you, help you, keep you from falling, and you will be successful in all that I have created you to do, by My presence in your life, and your trust in Me as your ONLY GOD, says the LORD.

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