I Am going to speed things up for you that have been on hold for a long time, and there will be breakthrough, says the LORD. You have waited patiently for Me to act on your behalf, and your wait will not be in vain. Your tested faith is precious and priceless, as you have withstood the temptations and testing with valor and courage. I Am pleased, says the LORD.

You will be pleased as well, says the LORD. For I will do more than you have asked Me to do. Their will be a greater Work than you imagined, a greater miracle, and a greater result. You will be shocked and stunned as I perform the unexpected, and astound you with sudden surprises. The days of your mourning will be over, and there will be a new release, a new and fresh level of anointing and new things will emerge that you never dreamed of, for I will reward you for your faithfulness and honor you for your trust in Me, says the LORD.

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