Don’t side with the enemy against yourself, says the LORD. He has NOTHING good to say about you, and only comes to steal, kill, and destroy you and your destiny. Plug your ears to such condemnation, and do not accept defeat. Do not accept the diabolical works of the enemy when he comes to weaken you and deceive you and distract you. NONE OF THIS IS FROM ME! I AM not the author of sickness, and I Am not the One who ever places road blocks in your way. I have not sent the trials, tests, and tribulation. I Am NOT the one who afflicts you, says the LORD.

I Am the Way, and it is a clear path, says the LORD. The enemy opposes you. I Am on your side! Don’t attribute his diabolical works with My GOOD works. There is NO comparison. He afflicts. I heal. His work is to bind you, blind you, weaken you, sicken you, disable you, and ultimately destroy you. I have rebuked the devourer for your sake. I have set you free. I have opened your eyes that they may see. I have enabled and empowered you. Turn away from the lies of the enemy that tries to convince you that I would ever attack My beloved children. I will bring you out of trouble, heal you, deliver you, and fulfill every Word that I have spoken, as you LOOK ONTO ME, keep your eyes FIXED on Me, and receive all that I have authorized for you as you trust in Me, says the LORD.

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