I Am the First Responder in Your Day of Trouble

I Am the FIRST responder in your day of trouble and distress, says the LORD. When you call upon My name, I will save you. I will heal you. I will help you. I will be right by your side, to give you everything that you need. You are never alone! I will never turn My back on you, and you will never have to shout to get My attention. A silent prayer of your heart is heard, and I Am immediately on site and on task to help you, says the LORD.

Nothing takes Me by surprise, and nothing alarms me, says the LORD. So do not become distraught when everything is chaotic and sudden storms arise. I Am aware of what is coming next, as I know the end from the beginning. I have already prepared for you and the answer has already been given before you call upon My name. I Am your first help and your best advocate. There is nothing that I cannot do and I will give you everything that you need as you call upon My name in simple, child-like, dependent faith, and I will answer you, says the LORD.

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