I Am the One Who Defines You

I Am the One Who defines you, says the LORD. As My creation, no one has that right to label you or interpret you or try to fit you into a category of their own imagination and making. You cannot fit into the agendas of others, for I have ownership of you and your destiny purpose is what I have prescribed for your life. You are unique. Your place in Me is ordained by Me, and no one can remove you from that position, take your place or nullify what I have decreed over your life, says the Lord.

Be content to know that you are wonderfully made, and your purpose is precise, valuable, and immutable, even as I cannot be changed. Do you think there is any other power that can alter what I have designed? Not possible, says the LORD. Be assured that you have value, for nothing that I have created and own is without particular use. I will give you My Word that will direct your steps, and fulfill you as you walk with Me into your destiny purpose and enjoy the journey, with confidence that no power can stop you from possessing your personal promised land of blessing as you simply take the steps that I order and refuse to give into the false authorities that want to rule over you and even over ME, Who is the SOVEREIGN, says the LORD.

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