I Am the Only Voice That Counts

Do not listen to the dissenting votes against you and the vision that I have given you, says the Lord. I Am the only voice that counts. I did not call for an election and the majority does NOT RULE. I DO! What I say, goes. Where I send you, just obey and be ready and willing and obedient to My voice. Many will mock and scorn, but what is that to you? LISTEN TO ME, and follow MY LEAD, for you were not created to be a man pleaser, but to please Me by your faith in ME, says the LORD.

Your faith must have feet that move in the direction that I dictate to your heart, says the LORD. I will never steer you wrong, and what I have called you to do, I will also equip you to fulfill. I will not send you on a mission that is impossible, and you will not be empty, but full. I will furnish you unto EVERY good work that I have called and chosen you to do, and I will be with you to empower you for every assignment that I have ordained you to do. You will not be an unprofitable servant as you listen to My directions and walk into your destiny as I enlighten the path that is set before you, order each step, and hold you by My own right hand, and bring you into it, on schedule, and perfectly fitting for you, says the LORD.

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