Others may have abandoned you, abused you, wrongfully used you and forgotten about you, but I Am not like that, says the LORD. That is not My nature. That is not Who I Am in your life and that is NOT what I can ever do. I will never roll my eyes in an uncaring way. I Am not bored with your life and your problems are not too big or too small for me to take care of. I love to hear the sound of your voice when you call upon My name. I do not mind the details. You can speak. You are free to share with Me all your heart, and I will listen, for I Am your compassionate Savior and Lord.

It does not mater to Me how many times you repeat yourself, says the LORD. I not only listen, but I record your prayers. I want to have fellowship and friendship with you, and you will never be sorry that you said, “Yes, Lord,” to Me. For I have good news for you. I have great things in store for you. I have hidden treasures for you that I have reserved that you will discover, as you just come and enjoy Me, as I do you. I will help you, not just listen to you. I Am never putting you on hold, making you wait in a line, and you will get My prompt attention when you call upon My name. I will hear and honor your prayers and give you everything you need as you come to Me, make Me your source, and believe that I will give you the things that you have need of, and fill the longing of your soul, says the LORD.

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