Daily Devotional: Deliverance

Thank you, Lord, that as we call upon your great name that is above any other, that you will deliver us. You will save us, protect us, provide for us, heal us, because of our faith in you as our Savior and LORD. Amen.

Daily Devotional: No Other God

Thank you, Lord, for taking us out of bondage. You are our only Savior and LORD. There is none like you. There is none other beside you, and you will keep us in your tender, loving care all the days of our lives, because we have receive you as our Savior and LORD.

Daily Devotional: Ransomed From Death

Thank you, Lord, for rescuing us from death, by purchasing us as your own. You have become plague against the spirit of death, that cannot claim us, bind us, threaten us, or enslave us. You have come to destroy the works of the enemy, and healing, deliverance and salvation are what you have purchased for us by your death on

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, says the LORD. Fear will only cause you unrest and take away all your peace. I Am your peace. I have ordained rest for you as you refuse to believe the negative reports that you hear everyday that will only bring you instability. I Am with you to hold you up, make you immovable, and give you

My Peace is Your Portion

My Peace is your portion in the Land of the living, says the LORD. It is independent of your circumstances and the challenges you encounter. It exceeds the attacks of the enemy and the violent storms of life that you face. Even the sudden storms cannot shake you or overwhelm you as you enter into Me. I Am your shelter,


Don’t attribute the difficulties that you are going through to Me, says the LORD. I Am not the author of them. The enemy is. He wants you to believe that I Am teaching you a lesson and punishing you for something that you did or something that you neglected to do. Don’t believe that lie. I Am your HEALER, and

I Am Your Compassionate Savior and LORD

Others may have abandoned you, abused you, wrongfully used you and forgotten about you, but I Am not like that, says the LORD. That is not My nature. That is not Who I Am in your life and that is NOT what I can ever do. I will never roll my eyes in an uncaring way. I Am not bored

My Grace is Inexhaustible, Unimpeachable, Constant

My grace is more than enough for you at all times, says the LORD. It is inexhaustible, constant, unfailing, unimpeachable, full of loving kindness and free, because you depend upon Me as your Savior and LORD. I will not hold anything against you, but will forgive your sins and heal your land, as you turn away from them, turn toward

Daily Devotional: Faithfulness

Lord, we thank you that your faithfulness that you have for us in the land of the living has been established in heaven above. Your mercy that is built up forever will never end. It lifts us up higher, in the realm of your glory, far above the daily challenges we face in this life. You have established us in

Daily Devotional: Righteousness and Peace

We thank you, Lord, for your mercy and truth that you give us in the land of the living. We trust in your help. You have given us your righteousness because we trust in you as our Savior and Lord. We have peace that comes from you, despite all we are going through, because we know you will hear and