I do all thing well, says the LORD. Everything that I do for you is perfectly well, on time and I Am always on task. I cannot make any mistakes, so be assured that you are always in My care, and I Am aware of you and every need that you have. I hear your prayers. I know the cry of your heart. I know the future and have planned for it in detail. You are always in My hands, protected, provisioned, pampered, says the LORD.

I see what you don’t see, know what you don’t know, and nothing ever gets past Me. I will always do what is right for you and lead you into the right path that I enlighten for you so that you will not miss the way. It is not a maze but straight and always forward. You will not get confused as you have Me to guide you and direct you as you entrust everything to Me. Don’t be afraid of what I have authorized for your life, for it is GOOD, and you never have to fret about what I am going to do. Be assured that you are well kept by Me and you are always in My sight, always in My care, and always in My protection, says the LORD.

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