Don’t ever question My will for your life and don’t ever doubt Me and My love and My care for you, says the LORD. I only have good plans for you, and I will prepare the way ahead for you. I will enlighten the path ahead for you and order each step. Do not fear to obey My voice, for My will for you will never be selfish, but will always work for your good. I have your best interests at heart always, and My love for you is perfect and pure. The path that I ordain for you is righteous, and nothing will be senseless, says the LORD.

Though you may not see the whole picture, I do, says the LORD. My purposes will unfold. Do not lean on your own understanding. Just trust My judgment in all things, for you can place your confidence in My infinite understanding, and know that I will always lead you and guide you into all truth that will only liberate you and keep you free. Everything will fall into place for you and you will then see what I see now. You will know that all things in your life have a purpose and will work out for good for you, because you have loved Me and I have set My love upon you, says the LORD.

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