I Take No Pleasure in Injustices

The enemy that is constantly accusing you even before Me is actually accusing ME, says the LORD. He is warring against ME, for I have given you My righteousness. It cost ME everything. I suffered and died for you and My shed blood is what cleanses you from all unrighteousness. I do not take it lightly that he would raise a hand against you, My beloved child, and mock you and scorn you, who is the Work of My hands and heart, says the LORD.

I will arise and defend you, and I will pour out My vengeance, says the LORD. I alone AM your justification, and you are clean through My Word as you have received Me as your Savior and LORD. Deliverance is what you have, for the stout and arrogant words against you are against Me. I take no pleasure in such injustices, and I will have the final say, for I AM the SOVEREIGN, and I will pour out My indignation upon the enemy and will not have to strike again. You will not be defamed, for you are sanctified and justified and purified in Me, and I will avenge you of your adversaries and give you ultimate victory, as you are in the palm of My hands, and belong exclusively to ME, says the LORD.

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