I will strengthen you, help you and uphold you with My Own righteous hand, says the LORD. Though you are feeling battle fatigue, do NOT despair. Do not quit. Do not wave the white flag in surrender to the enemy. Never give up! I will give you the victory if you will not cower or cave into the threats of the enemy that are raging against you. Resist the feelings of weariness and refuse to entertain any thoughts of defeat. For that word is not in My vocabulary, so remove it from yours as well, says the LORD.

Proclaim the victory, says the LORD. That is what I have decreed. Victory is what you will have, and complete victory is MY ONLY command. The enemy wants to displace you from your rightful position and possession in Me, but the opposite will happen. You will not suffer any setbacks or be uprooted, but you will conquer; you will overcome. You will overrun and overwhelm the enemy and you will possess NEW territory with the courage and valor that I clothe you with, and the mighty weapons I arm you with. I will give you the victory as your strength is renewed, your resolve fortified, and you fearlessly engage the enemy, in unrelenting faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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