Bold as a Loin

We are called to be bold

Be bold as a lion, says the LORD. I did not give you a spirit of intimidation, and you are not to fear. I have empowered you with MY Spirit, and you are not to turn back in the day of battle. Courage and valor are your clothing, and you have mighty spiritual weapons that will overwhelm the enemy, every

I Will Clothe You With Courage and Valor

I will strengthen you, help you and uphold you with My Own righteous hand, says the LORD. Though you are feeling battle fatigue, do NOT despair. Do not quit. Do not wave the white flag in surrender to the enemy. Never give up! I will give you the victory if you will not cower or cave into the threats of

I Will Empower You

I Am all-powerful, and I will empower you, says the LORD. You will not need another source, for I AM more than enough for you. I will strengthen you within and without. I will help you as I hold you up and keep you sturdy and stable on your feet. You will not have to have a fear of falling,

Daily Devotional: Courage and Hope

We thank you Lord, that because we put our trust in you, we can face this new day with all its uncertainties and challenges with courage. We will not cower nor run from our responsibilities when the seen and unseen enemy bares his teeth and roars at us. For our hope is in the Lord, who will strengthen, defend, deliver,

Bold, Brave and Strong

We are called to be bold

I Am your peace, says the LORD. Fear and doubt are from the enemy, who wants to discourage you, distract you, and weaken you. But I will strengthen you, help you and uphold you, always, says the LORD. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy, who only wants to terrorize you and traumatize you. He is not in charge

Champians are War Heros

The trying of your faith that stretches your patience will fortify your patience, says the LORD. I Am doing a work in YOU. You are becoming stronger. You are enduring hardness, as a good soldier in Me. You are equipping yourself in Me, and I have taught your hands to war. It is not the ultimate victory that will change

Fear Not

Fear is not an option, says the Lord. It is not from Me. Fear not! I Am with you, and the enemy is no match for Me. I have already given you the victory before you even engage the enemy. You do not have to let him push you around. Resist him as you submit yourself onto Me. Push him

Be Steadfast

Be steadfast in Me, says the LORD. I have made you unshakable and unmovable as you stand upon Me, your SURE foundation. I have made you sure footed. Though everything around you is shaking and insecure, you will stand and withstand all the storms of life. The ground under you will not shift or quake, for I alone Am your

I Am Not the Author of Discouragement

I Am not the author of discouragement, says the Lord.  Do not be discouraged.  Do not let the things that you are going through to embitter you.  Take courage in Me and fight the good fight of faith.  You know that the outcome will be good when you do.  This is not too hard for you, because I Am with