I Will Hear and Answer Your Prayers

I will always hear and answer your prayers, says the LORD. All those who call upon My name will be received of Me and heard! You never have to wait for me to finish something else before I give you time and attention, for I will hear the cry of your heart, and even your thoughts that you direct toward Me are not only heard, but recorded in My book. Never wonder if you are heard, and never think that your needs are under a pile of requests that are before Me that you hope that I will eventually attend to. You have My total attention when you come to Me, and I will never think that your smallest need is frivolous, says the LORD.

I Am NOT TO BUSY for you, says the LORD. My ears are open, My eyes see you, and I Am with you, always. Your well-being is always a priority to Me, and I will take care of every detail of your existence as you hurl your concerns and burdens upon Me. You will not need to scream to get My attention, for I hear your faintest cry. I care about YOU and all that you need is important to Me. Talk to Me. Believe that I Am your source, and trust that I will take meticulous care of you, and grant you the desires of your heart, as you entrust your entire life to Me, says the LORD.

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