I Will Speak, Direct, and Help You

I Am teaching and training you to be completely dependent upon Me, says the LORD. Many times in the past you could do little things that were totally independent of any help from Me, because you knew how to do them yourself. But I Am showing you that even the little insignificant things are important to Me. It is not troublesome to me for you to partner with Me in the large and small things so that at all times you can hear My instructions and follow My leading, says the LORD.

I Am fine tuning My voice in you, so that you feel My prompting, know My still, small voice and are able to filter out all the other voices that are vying for your attention, so that you can hear Me speaking to you, says the Lord. I Am speaking so quietly within you, that you could easily miss what I Am saying if you are not paying attention. Just quiet yourself before Me and wait. I will speak. I will direct you. I will help you. I will give you the answers that you are longing for if you will just be still, and KNOW that I Am GOD in the midst of you, and you will hear My voice, and follow Me, says the LORD.

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