My love for you is an unquenchable fire, says the LORD. Nothing can put it out! Nothing can change it or change Me, for I AM LOVE. Nothing can separate you from My love, so nothing can separate you from ME! I Am with you always. Don’t ask me where I Am! I just answered that! I Am with YOU! Don’t wonder where I Am during the sudden storms. I Am not asleep, for I never slumber nor sleep. I Am alert, aware of you, and you are always in My care, says the LORD.

My love for you is PASSIONATE, says the LORD! You can never find love like this! My unfailing love is also fixed! It does not change with times and seasons that always change. I cannot be altered either. You can depend upon My love and passion for you as I desire you! I deeply care about you! I always want you near to My heart, and in My presence. I will never push you aside or ignore you. I love to love you, and I love to have fellowship with you. Just come closer to Me, and have intimate communion with Me, and I will pour out My unrelenting Love upon you and shower you with it, and rain down My blessings upon you, and you will be refreshed, says the LORD.

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