My Promises are Sweet to the Taste and Not Bitter

My promises are sweet, says the LORD. They will be palatable and desirable as you taste and see that they are GOOD! Nothing that I have for you is bitter and you will not vomit the bread of My WORD that will only nurture you, cause you to grow, heal and deliver you and empower you. For My promises are not just a potential, but an assurance of what I will do for you, if you will embrace them by simple, child-like faith in Me. That is what will please Me and activate everything that I have purposed and planned for your life and destiny, according to My Word, says the LORD.

You will not be empty, but full, for I Am El Shaddai, MORE than enough for you, says the LORD. You never need to beg Me for anything. JUST ASK, believe, wait for ME to act, and receive. It is just that simple for you. For you do not have to study about the faith that I have given you, but just use it as you come to Me as a little child. It is not complicated and there is NOTHING to figure out. I did not make it impossible for you to receive what I have prepared for you, but easy. Trust in Me and Know that I AM your source. I want you to have My blessings and I want you to receive all that I have prepared for you. Just embrace My promises and KNOW that I will never go back on My WORD, and you will have everything that you need, always, says the LORD.

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