My Truth is Liberating, Infallible, Consistent

I will never lie to you or tell you a half truth, says the LORD. My truth is always pure and never changing. You will know that MY TRUTH is liberating, infallible and consistent. You can depend upon Me, for I Am the way, the truth and the life, and My truth endures FOREVER. You will find stability and consistency in Me, for though you are tried and tested, you will discover that My faithfulness as your forever friend is unfailing, regardless of the scope of the trials you endure, says the LORD.

I will always bring you through the storms you face in life with success, as you entrust your total care to Me at all times, says the LORD. THERE IS NOTHING that I will not do for you. There is nothing too big for Me to handle. There is nothing that goes beyond My ability, and you can have peace as you place your confidence in Me, Who will bring you into your desired haven, unscathed, untouched and unharmed, because I Am with you always, and will be your place of safety and a shelter for you at all times, says the LORD.

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