New and Exciting Things

I will make a way for you where there is NO way, says the LORD. I Am the Way, and I will create a perfect path for you to follow. Look for the open door where there was none. For I WILL create one for you. You will not have to pound on it or even use a key, for it is already unlocked, open and will be ready for you to cross over into the new that I create for you, says the Lord.

Don’t be fearful of your future or the unknown, says the LORD. For I have new and exciting things for you ahead. You do not have to repeat the same things over and over and over, again, for I will give you NEW assignments, and expand your borders. I cannot be put in a box, and you will come out of your own that has sides, corners and lids that have kept you in. You are bigger than the box of religion. Your comfort zone will become uncomfortable, just as the mother eagle removes the comforting material from the nest so that her eaglets will learn to fly. You will come forth as a new vessel that I will use for My glory, and you will be launched into your destiny, says the LORD.

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