The Best is Yet to Come!

The best is yet to come, says the LORD. I have hidden treasures for you that are reserved for your discovery, as you come into My presence. Your joy will be full, and you will not be empty. You will not be disappointed, disillusioned, discouraged, disrespected, dismantled, and disinherited. I will pour out My blessings upon you, and you will

New and Exciting Things

I will make a way for you where there is NO way, says the LORD. I Am the Way, and I will create a perfect path for you to follow. Look for the open door where there was none. For I WILL create one for you. You will not have to pound on it or even use a key, for

Exciting Things Lie Ahead

You are not alone in your struggles, but I am with you to help you through all self-doubt, says the LORD. Do not trust in your own thoughts or self-evaluation, for as I do not want you to be critical of others, neither do I want you to criticize yourself and think you should be like someone else. I have

My Business is Exciting

My business is not boring and mundane, says the LORD. It is exciting and uplifting. It is not busy work but compelling and fulfilling. You will delight yourself in Me, not bemoan the fact that you are My servant. You will be among the elect, privileged, called out ones, that will be as Isaiah, who said, “Send Me!” It will

New and Exciting Things

I have new and exciting things to share with you in My presence, says the LORD. I will reveal new things to you. I will give you new insight and show you mysteries that will astound you and you come close to Me and fellowship with Me in My presence. Draw closer to Me, so that you can hear Me