Nothing is Off Schedule

Everything will happen at the right time, says the LORD. Nothing is off schedule. Nothing can be delayed, denied, detoured, destroyed or dismissed. I cannot be changed, and I cannot lie. There is NOTHING that will stop the performance of the times and seasons that I have set forth. Everything that I do is well, is perfect, is planned, is purposed, is precise, is complete and will be performed, says the LORD.

I do not miss one thing, and what will be is already scheduled, says the LORD. I AM the beginning and the end, and not only do I know the future and plan for it, but I Am ever present to work things out according to the counsel of My own will. You do not have to worry about ONE THING! I have it all in control, and you are in My hands that have created you, and you are safe and secure. Nothing can remove you from My love, My presence and no power can remove you from My hands. JUST TRUST that I have everything in perfect control, Am always on time, and I will perfect everything that concerns you, and do a perfect work in your life as you place your complete trust in Me, says the LORD.

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