Nothing is too Hard For Me

Nothing is too hard for ME, and because I am with you to help you, nothing is too hard for you either. You can do all things through Me as I strengthen you. You will not barely get through. I have made you a MIGHTY CONQUEROR. I do not have any failures and I am NOT attempting to do anything. Everything I do is always successful the FIRST TIME and I do not need to make any corrections. You are not a make-over, but a new creation in ME. I don’t do a half job and I have NO incompletes. You will be a finished work of MY grace, and YOU WILL FINISH WELL, says the LORD.

Failure is NOT your portion as I AM with you to give you GOOD success. Never mind the naysayers and do not attend to the negative opinions of others. THEY do not have authority over you. I DO, so listen to ME! I have good plans for you and you will have a happy ever after ending of your story. IT is already finished, for I am the author and finisher of your live. You will not be flawed or incomplete, for YOU are MY WORKMANSHIP, and I do all things well, and You will be perfect and entire, missing nothing, says the LORD.

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