Open your eyes so that you can see the path that I have enlightened before you. Take the steps that I have ordered. They are there. They are well-lit. There is no confusion in what I author and order. It is a plain, straight and narrow way, so you will not get twisted and turned around and confused. I tell you that I will prepare the way before you and guide you continually with My eye. It is not a maze with dead ends, curves and round-abouts. Just open your eyes and see, for you will be given direction and light as you walk in MY LIGHT that I give you, and you will not get lost, says the LORD.

Just follow My lead, says the LORD. I AM leading you! I Am guiding you. Your life is not filled with guess work. I will give you the wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding that you crave If you just ask Me for it and wait on Me for the answer. I will not leave you in the dark or bring confusion into your life. I do not author it. The enemy does. Do not even entertain thoughts of fear, but entertain My Spirit that will guide you, My Word that will be a lamp unto your feet, and enlighten your path, and My presence that will go before you and give you peace, says the Lord.

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