Hunger and thirst after Me and My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD. Be busy about My business as a top priority and I will partner with you to take care of yours. When you make Me your first pursuit instead of your last resort, and seek Me early, you will discover that you will not need another. There is nothing insignificant that comes to My attention and is placed in My care. A tiny problem is not disturbing or disruptive to Me. I will take care of those little foxes that spoil the vine. You can benefit by the great and small things I do for you as you SEEK ME. Trust ME. Pursue Me. Follow hard after Me, says the LORD.

I will never refuse you entrance into My presence, says the LORD. Your joy will be full, and My joy is your strength. When you receive unspeakable joy in My presence you will also have unspeakable strength! Test Me in this. When you seek Me and put Me and My kingdom and righteousness first, you will receive what you need even before you ask. For I will give you surprise blessings that you never asked for or expected. You will never be void of love, peace, help, resources, and I will supply all your need miraculously. Be quick to come into My presence and be a seeker, as you hunger and thirst for Me, and are filled and fully satisfied, says the LORD.

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