Don’t seek for the things that are fleeting and will perish with time and use, but seek Me, says the LORD. I will be found of all who seek Me with all their heart. I Am the changeless One. I Am the matchless One. I Am the eternal One. I Am the One who designed you, and I will take care of you. Before you were, I Am. I knew you when you were conceived in the womb of your mother, and I watched over you when you could do nothing for yourself. I recorded your parts in My book. I separated you from her womb and kept you all the days of your life, says the LORD.

Trust in Me and seek Me continually, and you will know the continuance of My presence, protection, provision, and power that I invest in your life, always, says the LORD. For your needs are not oblivious to Me. I know what you need more than you do, and your future is in My hands that created you. I will never abandon you when things are difficult for you as others have and will. I will not refuse to help you when you call upon My name. I will answer. I will remain, close to you, and you will never have to beg for those things that you need, for I Am your all in all, and more than enough for you, as you make Me your priority and pursuit. Then you will never have to chase your miracle or seek after those things that I have promised. For as you seek Me, not only will you find Me and HAVE ME, but you will be totally satisfied with all that I give to you, says the LORD.

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