The Dawning of a New Day


Don’t focus on your disappointments, says the LORD. Things will turn around for you and I will make good of those things that seemed to be counter productive in your life. Those who have harmed you have not hurt you, for I will bring you out of the troubles that are on every side and you will not be demoted but promoted. Those who thought you were history will discover that you were reserved for the finest hours ahead in your life, as I have ordained good for you and My purposes will unfold, says the LORD.

It is NOT over, says the LORD. Just look up! SEE me, and don’t even entertain thoughts of defeat. I will give you certain victory, vindicate you and give you the honor that comes from me that will replace the humility that you have suffered at the hands of others. They will put their hands over their mouths in awe and shame when I turn your captivity and give you a new position in Me, because you have been found faithful. Just hold on, for the dawning of the new day is coming, and the long, dark night will pass away, as I give you JOY in the morning, says the LORD.

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