The Past Will Not Predict or Dictate Your Future

Don’t waste your time on past regrets, says the LORD. The past is the past, and you need to move forward. Let the dead bury the dead, and the past has already had its proper funeral and burial. Enough tears have been shed. Enough time has been spent as you tried to figure out what went wrong, and what could have been changed. It is done, and you have important things to do that pertain to your here and now. Your future is bright and beautiful, for I Am with you to equip you for success, not failure, says the LORD.

The Past will not repeat itself or predict or dictate your future, says the LORD. Today is the day you walk in the light, leaving the dark past behind. You are a child of the day, not of the night. Your destiny purpose is ahead. Just use the strength that I give you every day to invest in your now assignments that will link with what is positive and productive in what lies ahead. As building blocks are layered and ascend upward, until the entire structure is complete, so it is with you. What you do today will become a base for the next levels that always connect, always ascend, always build. Trust that you are making progress as you focus on what is right in front of you to do, and tomorrow will take care of itself, says the LORD

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