The Path of Your Destiny is Straight Forward

Don’t stop in the middle of the road during your run and question if you are on the right track, says the LORD. Don’t turn around and go the opposite direction of your destiny. You have heard it stated of old that quitters never win, and I want you to finish the race, and keep the faith, regardless of the difficulties you face. I Am with you, and My promises are always true to those who will embrace them by faith, and contend for the faith, says the Lord.

I take no pleasure in those who quit, or change their minds, says the LORD. Keep pressing forward. You will arrive at your destination, on time, unscathed, and you will never be disappointed with the outcome that I have promised awaits for those who are faithful and true. I will reward you openly, and you will be full of joy, and never regret going all the way with Me. For your steps are ordained by Me, the path of your destiny is straight forward, and well lit. It will be well as you trust Me and My infallible Word that will be fulfilled, says the LORD.

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