There are absolutes, says the LORD. Not everything is flexible and pliable. I Am not. I do not fit into the culture or the ideals and ideas of others. I will not bend and kneel to the desires of others to please them. I do not compromise truth so that I can mediate and come to the middle of the road. I Am the Sovereign, and what I did in the past, I will perform today and always. My Word does not change. I will not change. My will shall not change to fit into the mold of others, but they are to confirm to My will, says the LORD.

I have given you the absolute Way, the absolute Truth, and the Absolute Life, with no possible changes. My Word cannot be extinguished,, for it is an unquenchable fire. My love is unimpeachable and immutable. You cannot perfect that which is already perfect, and you cannot complete that with is already complete and you cannot fill that which is already full. I will PERFECT that which concerns YOU, and FILL you with My Love, Fill you with My Holy Spirit, Fill you with My infallible Word that will produce pure and holy faith that will bring you to the complete and perfect Work that I have ordained for your life, and you will be without spot, wrinkle or blemish and ready for My return, as I MAKE YOU a preparation of My gospel of peace. And you will be that written epistle, know n and read by others, says the LORD.

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