Unwavering Faith In Me Brings Stability

Hold fast to your profession of Faith in Me, says the LORD. Your faith will produce what you will believe Me for. Just HOLD ON without wavering, and do not fall into the temptation of believing negative reports and the lies of the evil one. Just believe and trust in My Word, and never allow yourself to slip into despair or your faith to be anything but steadfast, says the LORD.

You will only be as stable as your faith is strong, says the LORD. For you will be anchored securely in any storm you encounter, and the circumstances you face will never defeat you. Your strength is of Me, and your faith combats the enemy strongholds as they are pulled down by you in what you speak, what you believe, and corresponding action that lines up with your declarations of trust in ME. I want you to be firm, and stand, straight and tall and never cower or accept defeat. I will honor those who honor Me by their unrelenting faith in Me and My infallible Word that brings stability in any time and season, and ultimate victory, says the LORD.

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