What You Believe Will Determine What You Will Receive

What you believe will determine what you will receive, says the LORD. Why infest your holy faith that I have given onto you on things that you do NOT want to see in your life and that of others? Delete those negative thoughts and feelings, and do not rehearse the roles that the enemy wants you to play out. They are NOT from ME! I always told you to think on GOOD THINGS and visualize those things that are powerful and productive and plentiful, says the LORD.

For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you, says the LORD. Dark and defeatist thoughts take you down a dark path that I have NOT ordered for you. Dwell on My GOOD WORD and visualize the GOOD WORKS that you will do that will glorify Me, and cast down those strongholds of the enemy that only bring confusion and fear. You are not a child of fear, but one of faith, and I have given you MORE THAN ENOUGH FAITH to move mountains. Use the gift to secure the things that I have already planned and purposed for you and know that MY THOUGHTS are GOOD THOUGHTS pertaining to you and your life. My higher ways are beyond your good imagination, so think BIG, and walk in that direction, for your faith walk will become your faith work that fulfills your destiny purpose in Me, says the LORD.

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