I Am a great and Mighty King, and you are My beloved child, says the LORD. I have purchased you and brought you into My kingdom, into My family and you are royalty. ACT LIKE IT! I have sanctified you by My own blood. I have set My seal on you, proving My relationship and ownership of you, and you are positioned to sit in heavenly places with ME. You are not a no name, as I have not only linked your name with Mine, and given you MY Name to use, but I have given you a NEW name, and it is inscribed in My book. You are not just welcome to come into My presence, and have access to My throne room, but you belong there with Me, says the LORD.

My scepter is always held out to you, and you can boldly approach Me to share your heart with Me, ask Me what you will, and speak your requests freely unto Me, says the LORD. My ears are open, My hands are extended toward you, and My heart is aligned with yours. I will plead your cause and will always stand alongside to help you in any situation. Do you have any doubts? My mercy endures forever for you, and everyday you can be assured of My renewed compassion for you. Be aware that you are going to be defended, receive My help, and are granted abundant grace. Let your heart be filled with renewed faith and confidence in Me as your forever Father of mercies, and know that I AM your loving Father, caring Father, the Father of all comfort, and you are greatly beloved of Me, says the LORD.

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