Hopeless and helpless is not My description of you, says the LORD. You should NEVER let those words become a part of your vocabulary. I AM your hope that is alive and well! I Am the ONE Who helps you, and that is never small, but BIG! I Am with you, always, to give you GOOD success, as you meditate on Me and MY Word, and let that build your faith and confidence in ME, says the LORD.

Others will give you their opinion, pointing their fingers at you, making you feel inferior, inept, unworthy, as they find fault and focus on your flaws, says the LORD. But I will not do that! Your righteousness is of Me, and I have made you worthy by your faith in My finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you. I Am for you and not against you. As I faithfully stand alongside to help you, you cannot fall, fail or be destroyed by anything or anyone. Lift up your head and rejoice, for I AM everything you need, and you will be fully equipped and empowered to do all that you need to do and to be all that I have created you to be, as I perfect what concerns you, says the LORD.

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